BookBub Promotes Deadly Lullaby!

Deadly Lullaby, by Robert McClure, published by Random House imprint AlibiBookBub is featuring Deadly Lullaby: A Thriller during its June promotion of select eBooks.  Deadly Lullaby was selected as an International  Thriller Writers 2016 Award Finalist for Best eBook Original Novel (see the complete list of winners and nominees here). Download Deadly Lullaby today from any of the major eBook sellers at the limited time discounted price of $0.99!

Per the BookBub website: “BookBub features ebooks ranging from top-tier publishers to critically acclaimed independent authors. Our team of experts makes sure that we’re only featuring great deals on quality books that you’ll love.”

P.S. The BookBub promotion was announced in its May 31, 2017 Wednesday email. The BookBub website may lag behind its email promotions a few days in reflecting promoted books in their categories and their discounted price.

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