Watching the writer at work on Deadly Lullaby

An organized crime thriller novel, by crime fiction author Robert McClure, published by Random House imprint Alibi

BooksChatter met up with Robert McClure, the author of the new crime fiction thriller, Deadly Lullaby, for an interview to find out what inspired him to write the book, what makes the book unique, whether his novel reflects any of his experiences, and more (click here).  When asked to describe his writing process, McClure responded: “In a word, boring.”  McClure said he rises very early to write, usually at 5:00 a.m., but often earlier with a lot of interesting and even weird thoughts swirling around in his head.  But, he said that “[t]he mechanics of the process is boring to watch: I just sit at the computer and stroke the keyboard.”  But one creature has been at his side during the entire process to watch it all . . .

Ricky sticks by author's writing of Deadly Lullaby. . .  okay, well, maybe even he had a hard time staying awake but . . .

Ricky sticks by author's writing of Deadly LullabyRicky says it’s a really good read, even though the author, his “servant”, ignored requests to include him in the story.

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