Deadly Lullaby by Robert McClure released by Random House!

An organized crime thriller novel, by crime fiction author Robert McClure, published by Random House imprint Alibi

Okay folks, get your seat belt on!  Robert McClure’s rollicking tale of family and felony, Deadly Lullaby: A Thriller, has just been released.  I must admit it was exciting to receive the email from Amazon tonight alerting me that the Deadly Lullaby is ready to open on my Kindle!  (I just love eBooks since I can shop from the comfort of my home! And I’ve made it easy for you too with the handy order buttons below. A sample is now available as well.)   As soon as I finish this post, I’m grabbing my tablet, pressing download and re-reading the magnificent tale of the Crucci family. (I got to read the manuscript in April 2014 and could not put it down until I finished it!)

Kudos to McClure’s ability to dream up this crazy father and son duo, Babe and Leo.  I’m looking forward to the sequel!

Order Deadly Lullaby today for only $2.99.  Available from:

purchase from purchase from Barnes & Noble purchase from Kobo purchase from iTunes US purchase from Google Books find on Goodreads

Released Today, September 29, 2015

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