Deadly Lullaby stirs feelings of trepidation for fate of main characters

Robert McClure has written a rollicking debut novel of family and felony in Deadly Lullaby, a crime fiction thriller.  Published by Random House and Alibi (its mysteries and suspense division), Deadly Lullaby was released as an eBook yesterday (9/29/2015). McClure skillfully weaves a story of a father’s love for his estranged son and the son’s […]

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Deadly Lullaby, a tale of family and felony, will keep readers turning the pages

Deadly Lullaby, published by Random House, is a story of family and felony, involving a father’s quest to reconcile with his son. Can Babe, a career hitman, make up 17 years of lost time with his son, Leo, an LAPD detective, amidst all the gangland violence?

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