“Babe Crucci” of Deadly Lullaby is signing autographs for his readers

Authorgraph widgetWe have added Authorgraph to this website for readers who would like a personalized autograph from “Babe Crucci” or Robert McClure, the author of Deadly LullabyAuthorgraph is intended to work with multiple eReaders.  Our testing of it has only been with Kindle (the device or the app) and with iBooks on iPhone.  In so far as the ability to download your signed Authorgraph into an eReader, it appears to work best with Kindle.  If you use an eReader other than Kindle, and even with Kindle, you can save a PDF image of the Authorgraph to your data storage or memory device.

To get an autograph, simply click on the Authorgraph image at the beginning of this post or on the Authorgraph button on any webpage in this website and you will be taken directly to Robert McClure’s webpage in Authorgraph.  Once there, you can request him to sign an autograph and even request that it come with a personal note if you choose.  If you are new to Authorgraph, you will be taken through a few extra steps to set up an account and verify your e-mail address.

If you would like additional information about the Authorgraph autograph process, we lay it all out for you in the rest of this post.  As a bonus near the end, we’ve added instruction on how to “Create a Collection” of autographed Authorgraphs from eBook authors on your Kindle device. 

NOTE: Babe Crucci’s technogoobs tried out the Authorgraph with their Kindles and found the process to be really easy — so do not be alarmed by the length of instructions below, which are there for those who like an overview of things before diving in.  Babe says, “Dive on in!”

  1. Look for Request Autograph and the Authorgraph button on this webpage.  If you are on a desktop, you’ll find this in the top right sidebar of the page.  If you are on a mobile device, scroll to the end of this blog post where you will find the “Request Autograph” button.  Clicking on the Authorgraph button takes you directly to the Authorgraph webpage displaying the Deadly Lullaby book cover.
  2. Under the book cover, click “Request Authorgraph”.
  3. Type a personal message to Robert McClure if you want and submit.
  4. You are then prompted to set up an Authorgraph account, which helps protect the author’s email inbox from spam and also allows you to search for other eBook authors from whom you  may want an autograph.  Enter your name (first name, pseudonym, etc.) and a valid email address.
  5. Important: Go to your email and open the email from Authorgraph and click “Verify your email address”.   This step is necessary to ensure that email requests that authors receive for autographs are legitimate and are not spam, etc.  Verification of your email will take you back to the Authorgraph website where you will complete the set-up of your Authorgraph account, which enables you to receive the signed book cover from the author. 
  6. Enter a password and click next(Remember your password – you will need it later to access all the Authorgraphs that you collect from eBook authors.)
  7. Select “Your primary reading device” from the drop down menu (e.g., Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Other) and click on “Update”.
  8. When Robert has completed your Authorgraph request, you will receive an email notification from Authorgraph.com.  Open the Authorgraph.com email on the device with your eReader if you can access your email there.  Alternatively, if you have a browser on your eReader, go to http://www.authorgraph.com, log-in, click the drop down menu under your name, and click on Your Collections where you will be able to open and download the Authorgraph into your Kindle  or Kindle mobile app.  (NOTE:  If you open the email or log-in to Authorgraph from your desktop or a device not containing your eReader, you can save the Authorgraph to a PDF file, however, the feature for downloading the Authorgraph directly to your Kindle will not work.  You must open the email or the Authorgraph within the website or email from your eReader device.)
  9. When you open the Authorgraph, an image similar to the following will appear (NOTE: We’ve had some feedback on the original sample signature below.  Babe saw it and said, “Hey, that looks like chicken s#*!  It’s a good thing the manuscript was not written in long hand.”  McClure has gone to cursive writing school and is now signing more legibly!) Deadly Lullaby Authorgraph by Robert McClure Deadly LullabyClick on Download to Kindle and, on the next screen, click Open in Kindle and Voila!, the signed Authorgraph now appears next to the Deadly Lullaby eBook in your Kindle.

Collections in Kindle.  The Authorgraph can be moved from the Kindle Books list to a “Collection” within Kindle that you can create just for author’s autographs.  This might be preferred by readers who collect multiple Authorgraphs from authors.  The following illustrates, using an iPhone, how to create an Authorgraph Collection within Kindle and how to move a downloaded Authorgraph into that Collection.

  1. Open the Menu in Kindle and select Collections:Deadly Lullaby Authorgraph for Kindle
  2. Click the plus + sign in the circle in the upper right corner to create a new Collection.  You might name it Autographs or Authorgraphs. Deadly Lullaby Authorgraph
  3. Click on your new Authorgraphs Collections box to open it and then click on the plus + sign and select the Authorgraph to add to this Collection.  You will now see the Authorgraph inside your  Authorgraphs Collections box.Kindle for iPhone_Collections-List
  4. Click the “x” in the upper right corner to minimize this Collection and enable access to the Kindle Menu where you can select the Books list.Kindle for iPhone_Adding_Authorgraph_to_Autographs_Collection

You’re done!  Enjoy your autograph via Authorgraphs!

Deadly Lullaby is available as an eBook from any of the following digital retailers:

purchase from Amazon.com purchase from Barnes & Noble purchase from Kobo purchase from iTunes US purchase from Google Books find on Goodreads

Order it today for only $2.99!

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