“Babe” or “Leo” available for autographs for Deadly Lullaby!

Authorgraph widgetBabe Crucci says get your autograph from my creator, Robert McClure, author of Deadly Lullaby, today!  To request an autograph, click here or on the Authorgraph image in this post.  If you want to request an autograph later, just return to Robert McClure’s website, http://www.robertmcclure.net and look for the Authorgraph image on the sidebar of most any page (for desktops and laptops) or at the bottom of any webpage viewed with a tablet or smart phone.  You will have the option to write a message to the author and can request a personalized autograph from “Babe Crucci”, “Leo Crucci” or from Robert McClure, the author of Deadly Lullaby.

Authorgraph is intended to work with multiple eReaders.  Our testing of it has only been with Kindle (the device or the app) and with iBooks on iPhone.  If you have a Kindle, your signed Authorgraph can be downloaded directly into your Kindle or your Kindle app.  You also may choose the option to save a PDF image of the Authorgraph autograph to the data storage or memory in your computer or other device.

If you would like additional information about the Authorgraph autograph process, we spell it all out for you in a previous blog post: click here.  If you read most of your books on an eReader, you may collect the autographs of most authors on your Kindle device.  We show you how in our previous post: Click here and scroll to “Create a Collection”. 

Deadly Lullaby is available as an eBook from any of the following digital retailers:

purchase from Amazon.com purchase from Barnes & Noble purchase from Kobo purchase from iTunes US purchase from Google Books find on Goodreads

Order it today for only $2.99!


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