Deadly Lullaby Novel Garners Another 5 Star Review!

5 Star reviews for Deadly Lullaby by Robert McClureA new 5-star review was posted on Goodreads over the weekend for Robert McClure’s new crime fiction novel Deadly Lullaby.  The reviewer, who has over 750 book reviews to his credit, writes: “I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was fast paced and the characters and story line made for a quick read as well.  . . .  Leo feels pressure from his boss and from his past that he has been avoiding with his father and though Babe wants to talk about it Leo keeps putting it off. This all comes to a head at the end for a very dramatic ending, but I would not have it any other way.  . . . A great book, with good characters and a story that keeps going all the way to the end.”  To read the full review posted on October 17, 2015 by P.e. on Goodreads, click here

Deadly Lullaby by Robert McClure was released as a digital eBook by Penguin-Random House and its division, Alibi, on September 29, 2015.  You can download the novel to the iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad or to your Amazon Kindle device or to a Kindle app on any device.  The Amazon Kindle app is available for IOS devices from the Apple App Store and is available for Android devices from Google Play.

 Deadly Lullaby is available from:

purchase from purchase from Barnes & Noble purchase from Kobo purchase from iTunes US purchase from Google Books find on Goodreads

Download it today for only $2.99!

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