Babe Crucci’s creator, author of Deadly Lullaby, interviewed by local media

Babe Crucci, Deadly Lullaby, crime fiction thriller novelHey, it’s Babe Crucci here.  Connie Leonard of WAVE3 News in the Derby City interviewed my creator, the author of the book I star in, titled Deadly Lullaby.  You can see the whole flipping interview by clicking here.

“Robert Darrell Bubba Mac Bob McClure” (the author has a lot of aliases doesn’t he) tells Leonard that I’m a career hitman.  Yeah, that’s right, but I only whack really bad guys.  The story begins with me getting out of San Quentin.  I’d really like to leave my life of crime behind, and more than anything, I want to reunite with my son, Leo.

Poor kid.  I was in the clink during most of Leo’s formative years.  Guess that’s why he’s a police detective now, with the LAPD.  So you know our reunion will be a challenge — there are gonna be a lot of bumps in the road, involving crime lords, thugs and more than a few corpses.  We will have to come to terms with the ghosts of our past to see this through.

It’s a father-son story, but you won’t need a box of tissues to get through it.  What you will need is preparation — be prepared to for a lot of twists and turns.  I hear many readers say that they just cannot put the book down until they reach the end.

Deadly Lullaby, by Robert McClure, published by Random House imprint AlibiIt must be good — some French dude loved the story enough to ask “Robert Darrell Bubba Mac Bob McClure” to write another one about me.  He’s writing The Slow Dawn, the follow-up to Deadly Lullaby right now (unless you’re reading this post during a certain college or pro football game — some things take precedence over keeping my felonious character in action I guess – a man has to have his hobbies).

Deadly Lullaby is available as an eBook from any of the following digital retailers:

purchase from purchase from Barnes & Noble purchase from Kobo purchase from iTunes US purchase from Google Books find on Goodreads

Order it today for only $2.99!



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