Babe and Leo scene from Deadly Lullaby featured on Shine Like Stars blog

Deadly Lullaby, by Robert McClure, published by Random House imprint AlibiBabe Crucci and his son Leo are the central characters in the crime fiction thriller, Deadly Lullaby, a rollicking novel about family and felony by Robert McClure. The book blog, Shine Like Stars in the Universe, features the following excerpt from the novel where Babe and Leo are arriving at an isolated warehouse to resolve Leo’s gambling debt with a mob boss:

      We drive side roads for about fifteen minutes, then pull in to the parking lot.

      My son says, “It’s a setup. I can feel it.”

      He parks at the end of a row of luxury cars. I say, “Nah, this old warehouse has just got you spooked, that’s all.” I look it over and make some professional observations: “We are, what, over four miles outside the nearest town? Christ, you could fight a war out here and never upset a civilian ear. It is a perfect place for a hit.”

      This is not what he wants to hear.

      I recognize this and say right away, “But Macky would’ve already whacked you if that’s what he wanted to do. Relax.”

      He asks me a question that comes from nowhere, as if it is something that has occupied his mind all along: “Why are you doing this for me? Why?

For the full excerpt, click hereThanks to Cara “Bunny” Correnti for featuring Deadly Lullaby!

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Deadly Lullaby: A Thriller, by Robert McClure, published as an eBook by Penguin-Random House and its thriller and mystery imprint Alibi, is available from any of the following digital book retailers:

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