Readers give Deadly Lullaby by Robert McClure 5 Stars!

5 Star reviews for Deadly Lullaby by Robert McClureFrom Amazon to Goodreads, readers are giving Deadly Lullaby 5 Stars.  Here are some of the top reviews:

“One of the best books I’ve read in the past decade . . . Robert McClure is a natural, gifted with an impeccable talent for narrative, character development, unexpected twists and turns, and dialogue. Couldn’t put it down.” by Craig Layne @amazonbooks 5 stars

“Wonderful Original Take . . .  the author’s dueling first person point of view from a father and son in a strained relationship was an original point of view I have not seen before. Their differing perspectives as events were unfolding kept the story fresh, interesting, and exciting. I cannot wait to see what this author will come up with next . . . you won’t be able to put it down. by Matthew Williams — 5 stars @amazonbooks

Very action oriented and the characters were well developed. Kept me interested throughout. I hope he writes more real soon!” by Mike Wathen — 5 stars @goodreads

“It’s humorous with a little violence and crime thrown in but in a good way if there is ever a good way for anyone to commit a crime.  . . .  Great read about family dynamics with a mystery thrown in.” by CL — 5 stars @goodreads

“McClure makes something beautiful from the criminal activity”, by Jay Williams — 5 stars

A Different Kind of Beautiful . . .  LA underworld is backdrop for amazing story of father-son relationship,” by Kayak Jay — 5 stars @amazonbooks

To read the advance praise given to Deadly Lullaby by other published authors as well as the Editor of Best American Mystery Stories, click here.

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