Spotlight on the novel DEADLY LULLABY by SolaFide Publishing

SolaFide Publishing features Deadly Lullaby by Robert McClure

          SolaFide Publishing featured Deadly Lullaby and an interview of its author, Robert McClure, on its webpages this week.  Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

          “My first experimentation with fiction writing probably started in the mid-nineties, when I was an impossibly busy trial attorney with a big law firm and would write a scene every now and then, just for chuckles. I quickly became hooked, and after years of struggling to fit fiction writing into my crazy trial schedule, my beautiful wife, lover, and friend, Kathie, sat me down, looked me dead in the eye as only she can do and told me—no, ordered me—to quit practicing law full-time and concentrate on learning to write crime fiction. Six months after that, in mid-2003 or so, Hardboiled Magazine [Issue #35 published by Gryphon Books in New York,] accepted my first story for publication—Leon’s Way, a story about a death row inmate awaiting execution for a murder his wife committed. I’m still in the law game solely to make ends meet, and fiction writing is my professional priority.”

          Read the entire interview at SolaFide Publishing, click here.  Many thanks to the editorial staff of SolaFide Publishing for putting the spotlight on Deadly Lullaby this week!

          For editorial and best selling author praise for, and readers’ 5 Star reviews of, Deadly Lullaby, go to our Reviews page (click here).  To read the synopsis of Deadly Lullaby, click here.  And be sure to explore our Blog for book excerpts, news about the virtual book tour, interviews of the author and much more (click here).  For order information, go to our Order page (click here).

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