Download DEADLY LULLABY without a Kindle or Nook device!

Kindle Kobo Nook GooglePlay GoodreadsSince the release of my book, DEADLY LULLABY, some family members and friends have said, “Too bad I don’t have a Kindle”.  No excuse!  You do not need one.  All you need is an eReader app. Most eReader apps are compatible with multiple device types: Apple iPhone, iPad, notebook, etc.; Android phones and tablets (e.g., Google, Asus, Samsung, LG, etc.); and Windows phones, tablets, laptops, desktops.

If your excuse for not buying DEADLY LULLABY is only because you are waiting for the hardback or paperback to come out (so you can pay the higher price), I appreciate that you are willing to wait and willing to pay more.  However, you can help make a paper version of my book DEADLY LULLABY a reality sooner by helping to increase the eBook sales of my book now — and, for goodnesssakes, the download is only $2.99.  Moreover, even if you have never before downloaded an eBook, I am making it super easy for you to do.  My wife has gone to the trouble of locating the eReader apps available for most types of devices.  Below, I have listed the device type followed by the multiple versions of eReaders for each device type.  Each eReader app in blue font has an embedded hyberlink that you can click to go straight to the eReader store to download that app FOR FREE.  All you need to do is choose the eReader of your preference from the list of devices and apps below.

♥  iPhone, iPad, MAC devices — iBook is pre-installed.  Also available from the App Store: Kindle app for iPhone; Barnes & Noble Nook for iPhone; eBooks Reader for iPhone; Kobo for iPhone; Goodreads for iPhone; GooglePlay for iPhone.

♥  Android devices (Google, Samsung, LG, etc.) — Google Play Books is often pre-installed.  Also available from Google Play: Kindle app for Android; Barnes & Noble Nook for Android; Kobo for Android; Nook for Samsung Galaxy Tab; FBReader for Samsung.

♥  Windows devices — If you have Windows10 on your desktop, laptop or tablet, you already have Kindle — just type “Kindle” in the search bar in the lower left-hand corner of your laptop or tablet and log-in to Amazon.  For Windows phones and earlier versions of Windows, download Kindle from the Microsoft Windows apps store – click here.  (Check out Windows book apps for phones, click here.)

And I’ll bet that most of you will find that you have one of these eReader apps on your phone or tablet already.  If so, and unless you want a different eReader than the one pre-installed on your device, your next step is to click here to go to the Order page and then click on the logo that matches the app on your device.  You will be taken directly to the eBook order page that corresponds to your eReader app.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download DEADLY LULLABY today for only $2.99!

Click here to Order!

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