Omnimystery News elicits Robert McClure’s motive for theme of DEADLY LULLABY

Omnimystery News Twitter LogoIn “A Conversation with Crime Novelist Robert McClure”, Lance Wright, owner and manager of Omnimystery News, asks Robert McClure to describe his writing process.  Using Deadly Lullaby as an example, McClure says he shoots for an opening scene with a theme and premise that he’s always wanted to read but hasn’t:

“I always start any story by deciding on a theme; in Deadly Lullaby the theme was ‘father-son relationship.’ Then I develop a premise, the one in Deadly Lullaby being, “A mob hit man is released from San Quentin and yearns to reunite with his son, who is an LA police detective.” Then I take off writing by the seat of my pants and try to write an opening scene that defines the theme and premise, one I’ve always wanted to read but couldn’t find anywhere.”

Omnimystery News asks Robert McClure: “If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, to research the setting for a book, where would it be?”  For those who have read Deadly Lullaby, how do you think McClure answered?  To find out, click here and read the interview.  Omnimystery News also elicits insights from McClure on his hobbies and interests, his take on reader feedback, and his current project, The Slow Dawn, the continuing saga of Babe and Leo Crucci.

Omnimystery News provides noteworthy news, information, and reviews of mystery, suspense, and thriller books, television, movies, and games, and spotlights authors through interviews and guest posts.  You can follow Omnimystery News on Twitter @mysteries and on Facebook.

Visit Robert McClure’s website to Order, read 5-star Reviews and his Bio, as well as to keep up with other news about McClure’s writing including his debut crime fiction/mystery novel, Deadly Lullaby (click here).  You also can stay in touch with McClure on Twitter @robertdmcclure (click here) or on Facebook (click here).

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