the big THRILL interview with Robert McClure

International Thriller Writers ITLWe are honored to announce that the November 2015 issue of the big THRILL features an interview of Louisville, Kentucky native and attorney-turned-author, Robert McClure about writing his crime fiction thriller Deadly LullabyIan Walkley of No Remorse, interviews McClure.  Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

Tell us about some of the underlying conflict in the story.

The main conflict is between Babe and Leo, father and son. A career hit man, Babe has served two prison terms that caused him to miss Leo’s formative years. Just released from San Quentin, Babe yearns for a relationship with Leo. Leo is an LA police detective cursed with a good streak that dilutes the thuggery Babe stamped on his DNA.

Leo wants a relationship with his father, too, but is loath to admit it. The problem is that Babe and Leo were estranged years ago and they have personal issues to resolve that neither is equipped to confront. When Leo’s pursuit of a young prostitute’s murderer leads him into a violent clash with Babe’s mob associates, Babe and Leo’s issues come to a head.

McClure is in the fine company of other authors interviewed in the big THRILL’s November issue.  Best selling authors featured in this month’s issue along with their latest novel include Tess Gerritsen (Playing with Fire), David Baldacci (The Guilty), Lisa Scottoline (Corrupted), and Nicole Chritoff (The Kill Box).  Last month’s issue featured New York Times Best Selling author Sue Grafton, also of Louisville, Kentucky, and her novel X, the second to last book in her alphabet series. When asked in her interview how she thinks her readers will handle the end of the series, Grafton says, “On my final tour we’re going to do group therapy and I will have medication for everyone. We will work on our separation anxiety.”

The big THRILL is the online monthly publication of the International Thriller Writers (ITL), an honorary society of authors of fiction and nonfiction thrillers.  McClure is an active member of ITL.  ITL defines the “thrillers” genre to include (but is not limited to) murder mystery, detective, suspense, horror, supernatural, action, espionage, true crime, war, adventure, and myriad similar subject areas.  Active membership is available to thriller authors published by a commercial publishing house, that is, a bona fide publisher who pays an advance against royalties, edits books, creates covers, has a regular means of distribution into bookstores and other places where books are ordinarily sold, and receives no financial payments from their authors.  Other categories of membership are available as well.  For additional information on how to join ITL, click here

McClure looks forward to meeting up with other ITL members at ThrillerFest XI in New York City in July 2016!

Deadly Lullaby is published by Penguin-Random House and its division Alibi in North America, and will be published in 2016 in hardback and digital by Calmann-Lévy in France, by Euromedia in the Czech Republic, and by Ikar in Slovakia. 

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